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Plask is a browser-based markerless motion capture software and API. With any camera, designers and developers can rapidly create content faster than ever before. With a 50% academic discount, Plask is now even more accessible to qualifying educational institutions!

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Various applications

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Motion-based social games, animation, special effects, and virtual reality.



Motion-based social games, animation, special effects, and virtual reality.



Software as a service, content creation tools, and mobile applications.


Theater & dance

Physical therapy, sports medicine, athletic performance, and rehabilitation.

Plask MoCap Pro

Cloud-based motion capture

Record your video and our AI will capture the motion for you, making animation a breeze. Find all of the necessary tools for a perfect animation in one place. Integrate Plask into your workflow, whether you’re working solo or collaborating with a team.

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Plask API

Easily to use motion capture API

Plask allows users to animate characters by recording motions with a web camera or by uploading pre-recorded videos. You can then edit and record your project without any additional tools.

What's in Plask's academic license? 

Advanced 3D features for the accurate animation quality

We bring together everything that’s required to create high performed animation. New advanced features are under development. Features will be updated in our API at a later date.


Plask MoCap Pro
Academic License

Get 50% off on Plask's premium browser-based motion capture tool and animation editor. 



  • Single-person motion capture
  • Import formats: fbx, glb, json, mp4, mov, and webm
  • Export formats: fbx, glb, and bvh
  • 108,000 credits (60 min) / month
  • Multi-person motion capture
  • 5 GB storage of personal asset library
  • Foot lock feature
  • Faster motion extraction

Plask API
Academic License

Get 50% off on Plask's motion capture API and power any software or applications.



  • API - 0.0008 USD/frame
  • REST API Access
  • Single-person video motion capture
  • Multi-person video motion capture
  • Input - Video(MP4, MOV, WEBM)
  • Output - 3D motion data(JSON)
  • Foot lock feature
  • Multi-person motion capture

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