The best performing AI motion capture API

Ready to use and fully customizable, Plask API can power your application with the market's most potent AI motion capture API. Whether you are developing a game or an enterprise application, Plask API can immediately provide highly accurate AI motion capture data.

Fully Automated Animation Flow via Plask API

Fully Automated and Ready to Deploy

Plask API brings a powerful solution to automate 3D animation workflow to your business. Our AI technology allows you to animate characters by recording or uploading pre-recorded videos. You'll capture motion without any additional tools.


What's included

Advanced 3D features for the accurate animation quality

We bring together everything that’s required to create high performed animation. New advanced features are under development. Features will be updated in our API at a later date.

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Various applications

Apply to your business

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Game engines

Motion-based social games, animation, special effects, and virtual reality.

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Social media

Motion-based social games, animation, special effects, and virtual reality.



Software as a service, content creation tools, and mobile applications.


Health care & athletics

Physical therapy, sports medicine, athletic performance, and rehabilitation.


Ready-to-use humanoid animation data for you

Plask API provides motion capture data as a JSON format file. This includes animation data of each humanoid joint. You can directly apply the motion to your 3D characters with various tools.

JSON files are compatible with:







For developers

Request API example

Rapidly request API to get the desired result. The usage examples and API documentation are provided



Pay as you go

Billed monthly

Single-person video motion capture
Multi-person video motion capture
Input - Video(MP4 MOV WEBM)
Output - 3D motion data(JSON)

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